Apply the TCRM

Apply the TCRM

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The Telemedicine Community Readiness Model (TCRM) helps actors in communities to determine the current requirements for a successful telemedicine implementation. Communities can be connected locally (e.g. regions or health networks) or through a common interest (e.g. a common disease).

In the following, you will be guided step by step through the model and receive information about the status quo in your community. With the help of the model, improvement measures are also suggested, which support the further successful implementation of telemedicine initiatives.

Telemedicine is defined by three characteristics. It describes i) the provision of health care services for patients by health care providers ii) over a distance iii) through the use of information and communication technology. Only if all three characteristics are fulfilled this constitutes telemedicine.

Even if you have not yet implemented any telemedicine initiatives, but want to create good conditions for doing so, you can also also apply the TCRM.


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